Finding Workers for the Construction Industry!

Hello and welcome to my very first blog for our mobile application dedicated to our incredible industry.

If you work in the construction industry you know that finding the right person to train and work with you is not easy. Some people think it’s because the youth of today doesn’t want to work and they’re lazy but that is not entirely true. Most of the youth of today doesn’t realize the potential our industry has to offer not just financially, but also personally.

Let’s start with financially, if you work in the construction industry in the summers or after you graduate high school vs working at fast food places or gas stations etc, you will make minimum wage which is incredibly low compared to that of the construction industry which varies from state to state but is a lot higher, and you can move up the ladder faster.

Now let’s see how it will help you personally. Being a part of team that builds incredible things gives you a sense of empowerment and pride because not everyone can do what you’re doing. Also, having the ability to work in many different places is sure to keep your mind sharp and excited for what the next job will be. There is also the possibility, if you want it, to create your own construction business.

It’s up to us to show the youth of today what our industry has to offer and how it will benefit them in the long run! We are a long way from automating homes, so the need for our industry is here to stay for a very long time.




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