Paying for leads?

Is paying for leads a model that is old? I say yes, and I’ll tell you why!

Thanks to the advances in technology,  using automation for reaching and pairing you with potential homeowners has never been easier! Technology has made this all very simple and reachable, however most contractors still  don’t realize the power that technology brings and how it can help them.

On one hand you have the so called lead providers whose sole purpose is to charge us, the hardworking people who get up everyday to workout asses off to earn our money. On the other hand, we have word of mouth! That’s how most of us get most of our jobs. I’ve built an ecosystem that can help our peers connect with homeowners without having to pay for leads. This is the future of our industry, and our main objective is to help you. The difference between us and the rest is that I am still installing roofs everyday to pay for my dream, which is to have a place dedicated to our industry and to put a stop to the current practices which take our hard earned money and most of the time never give it back.

It’s a lot of work, but together we can make it happen because we understand first hand how important our work is!

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